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Self Balance Hovershoes- Premium Revolutionary

2018 cool trendy gadgets

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The 6.5 inch chrome color hoverboard with led lights and remote control, comes with a high quality motherboard, self balancing chassis, powerful motor, and Samsung battery. Kids like the nice color and led lights. comes with led light +remote control+bluetooth speakers+carry bag. Buy the best Christmas gift for your kids now.

smart electric skateboard

dual powerful motor

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F1 hoverboard impressive design was Inspired by F1 racing cars. You will find all features of F1 from the F1 hoverboard, unique shape, strong power, fast speed, sturdy structure. Ridding the F1 take an adventure as a racing driver. It also comes with a smart app that allows the driver to check the speed and battery status and even limit ridding speed and adjust the light colors.

new model All terrain off road hoverboard warrior

warrior hoverboard is the design for outdoor riding, all terrain hoverboard

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The Warrior hoverboard is designed for indoor and outdoor ridding. We call it all terrain off road  Rover Hoverboard. Warrior with unique shape, strong power, fast speed, sturdy structure. Ridding the Warrior Hoverboard take an adventure in outdoor. And it’s special design allows you to feel more comfortable while ride on uneven surfaces.


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