500,000 Smart Hoverboards Recalled in USA and Ten Companies Involved

On Wednesday, The US government had announced the recall of more than 500,000 hoverboards from ten companies, including major suppliers such as Segway, Razor

Elliot Kaye, the Commission chairman said that "Swagway and Razor, are offering refunds, repairs or replacement hoverboards, depending on the model...". 

The self-balancing hoverboard scooters have a disconcerting tendency to burst into flames due to problems with poorly-designed lithium batteries packs overheating. If you got a hoverboard more than two months ago, when many models were not using a brand battery like Samsung & LG, there’s a danger and you should return it.

The recall should be responded to immediately across the country. So if you are now looking for a hoverboard as an unexpected gift, please choose one with a good battery set like Samsung, LG or other brand.

Hoverboards are great products like Gopro and DJI, it doesn’t make sense to ignore an innovation sport products which can bring kids, teens & adults great fun. However good care and knowledge on how to prevent fire and explosion is important, since there are no 100% safe electrical products on the market.

Hoverboard recalled 

Smart Hoverbord
Smart Hoverbord


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