8" Lambo Performance Hoverboard for Child with Bluetooth Speakers+Lights+Remote in Germany, France, UK

8" Lambo Performance Children's Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker+Lights+Remote in Germany, France, UK

. BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS ,LED LIGHTS AND REMOTE -8 Inch Wheels with bulid –in Bluetooth Speakers. Listen to the music when you ridding around.

. UL CERTIFIED BATTERY SAFETY - UL 2272 Certified Smart Hoverboards, ensuring that the patented Smart Hoveboards meets the all electrical safety standards and ensuring  that the hoverboard you get is 100% safe for you.

. BETTER MOTHER BOARD WITH LATEST SELF BALANCING TECHNOLOGY,offer the smoothest ride and most easily control.

. UPGREADED POWERFULY MOTOR AND BATTERY.More power for Providing an 7.5 mph top speed and 11 miles range - weight up to 220 lbs

. IMPROVED CHARGING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. UL2272 CERTIFICATED CHARGING SYSTEM,Protects from overcharging and overheating and speed up charging by 19%.ensure safety while charging.



  • High quality motherboard and chassis.
  • Both sides are fitted with a high quality Bluetooth speakers.
  • 8 inch aluminum wheels with rubber tires.
  • Anti scratch and fireproof outer casing .
  • Fitted with two bright LED Lights out front and color changing lights on the top of wheels
  • Top quality 4.4Ah lithium battery (UL certificated).
  • Top speed of 12kmph.(7.5mph)
  • Full charge supports 11 milesrange.
  • 90 Minutes to fully recharge.

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Smart-Hoverboards always endeavors to make it’s hoverboards smarter and safer. User experience is of the utmost importance.

8" Lambo Performance Chrome Gold Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers+Lights+Remote


Hoverboard manufacturer -Smart Hoverboards

Bluetooth Chrome Lambo Hoverboard Unboxing

Watch the 8 inch M-S8 T electric self balancing scooter in action:

 8 Inch Lambo Performance Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

 Different Hoverboards Models in Factory

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