10 Inch 2 Wheel Electric Standing Scooter for Sale with App and Bluetooth Speaker

10 Inch 2 Wheel Electric Standing Scooter for Sale with App and Bluetooth Speaker

M-X1 Plus is one of the hottest self balancing electric scooters on the market right now. Made with a high quality motherboard, supported by a self balancing chassis, driven by a powerful motor, and powered by a Samsung battery, you can be reassured its more safe, more powerful, and more comfortable.

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The 10 inch two wheel self balancing electric scooter has passed UL2722, which includes an assessment of the charge management system. Guaranteed safety, it is assured that it will not overheat, spark, or catch fire.

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This M-x1 10 inch two wheel self balancing electric scooter comes with a powerful motor and a high quality mother board and self balancing chassis.

These main parts ensure the best overall product quality and a more comfortable driving experience. Acceleration and braking in a smooth and easy manner is made possible. Moving forwards, backwards, and changing direction is a breeze with this high quality product.

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With the smart app, the driver can check the speed, battery status & change the riding mode. Supports a maximum load of 120Kg, Samsung battery, 10 inch wheel, LED Lights and Bluetooth speaker. The M-X1 Plus can bring you more fun and make you feel more comfortable while you ride on uneven places.

This 10 inches smart hoverboard is best for outdoor riding.

Protection gear for beginners is recommend

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  • 36V/4.4AH Samsung Battery
  • 350W * 2 Motor 
  • 12Km/H at Top Speed
  • 20Km range with Full Charge
  • 120 Kg Maximum Load
  • Smart App Control
  • 1.5 Hours Full Charge

 Packing: 1 * M-X1 Plus, 1 * Battery Charger, 1 * User Manual.


Blue self balancing scooter

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Check out this video of the 10 inches smart hoverboard.

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