Cool Hoverboard with Chrome Gold Color

Chrome Hoverboard M-S6C is a hands free 6.5 inch two  wheels self balance hoverboard.With Chrome color,lt looks so cool.

If your looking for good quality smart hoverboard, the Chrome hoverboard M-S6C, with it’s stylish & classic design,is perfect for you. 6.5" hoverboard with Samsung battery, takes just takes 90 minutes to fully recharge and the max speed comes in at a tidy 12kmph.

Recommended for 7-9 year old kids, the smaller size and lower speed make it much more easy to control.

Safety gear is recommended for beginners.

  • Original Samsung Battery.
  • 6.5 Inches Wheels
  • Engine safety system.
  • 20Km range with a full charge.
  • Max Speed of 12kmph.
  • 1.5 Hours for a full recharge.

Package includes: 1 * M-S6, 1 * Battery Charger, 1 * User Manual.

Hoverboard manufacturer -Smart Hoverboards

6.5 Inch Bluetooth Chrome Hoverboard with Led and Remote Unboxing

 6.5 Inch Chrome Hoverboard

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