New Hover board K5 with Sensor Led Lights, Handle, Status Indicator, Removable Battery


The compact and tight design of the K5 Hoverboard takes self-balancing scooters to a new level. Perfect for flying around indoors or on any reasonably flat surface - you’ll never want to get off!With Smart LED lights as standard, the K5 is the perfect head turner for you to have in your home; friends and family are sure to love it.

The Front LED Light with an ambient light sensor automatically turn on if the environment get dark and automatically off once it detects the brightness is good for ridding. Good for night ridding. And the back LED lights will change the colors when you make a turn.

Concerned about the battery? Be concerned no more. We’ve acquired our power source from one of the best known and reliable battery manufactures in the world –Samsung. With 4.3Ah removable battery , Their expertise will ensure not only an efficient performance and quick charge, but also, and most importantly, your safety.

With a new design handle, so you can take the hoverboard easily if you don’t want to ride. Also there is a indicator on the handle, from the indicator you can get information about electric quantity, speed, Bluetooth and temperature.

The K5 with technical sense design and high quality parts. All in all this is a solid hoverboard to have and one you can trust not to break down and not to break your wallet. 

  • 7.5 inch wheels.
  • IP54 Water Resistance.
  • Max speed 15kmph.
  • Original Samsung batteries – safety first.
  • Stylish and bright LED lights to show off at night. 
  • High-polymer polycarbonate case makes for a tough and durable product.  
  • 2 hours to fully recharge 
  • Max weight load 100kg ( 210 lbs )

New Hover Board for Kids 

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